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Dakota Digital VHX Series Direct-Fit Analog Gauge System




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Vendor: Musclecar City Parts




Dakota Digital VHX Series Direct-Fit Analog Gauge Systems

Stay ahead of the curve with fresh instrumentation, like the Dakota Digital VHX direct-fit analog gauge systems. Ideal for classic car restorations, this innovative line features dozens of single dials, clusters, and multi-gauge panels, which install into your vintage ride with no modifications needed. We're talking units for various models of Ford, Chevy, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Jeep, Toyota, Buick, Pontiac, and Dodge … with new "replacements" available for cars and trucks as far back as 1932!

Depending on the system you select, you could receive data readings for as many as 20 automotive functions; and, bringing the retro dashboard displays into the 21st century are bright LCD message centers, backlit faces, and fully lit needles. These gauge kits are equally impressive behind the scenes, with solid-state sensors, precision stepper motors, and customizable data readouts. Dakota Digital gauges have revolutionized the industry—just think what they'll do for your driving experience!