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Carpet, Raylon 80/20 Loop 1964-67 GM "A" Body (exc GTO)




Product type: Carpet kit

Vendor: ACC Carpet




New ACC “Raylon” Carpet is totally authentic in every detail … Yet stays brilliant & lasts longer than the traditional 80-20 blend

Since 2005, when we introduced our premium 80/20 Raylon blend, we have sold tens of thousands to satisfied Skylark owners across the globe! Why settle for standard 80/20 rayon/nylon when you can get this revolutionary reproduction for the same price? Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! Superior features: - Improved Appearance: Our 80/20 Raylon more closely resembles the original 80/20 carpet from the 1960s and 1970s. – Factory Correct Heel Pad: Why compromise? Get superior Raylon along with the absolute 100% correct heel pad machine bonded like factory original! - Enhanced Abrasion: 80/20 Raylon will not fuzz, pill, beard or shed fiber on the surface. - Superior Light Fastness: 80/20 Raylon meets current OEM-standards for floor coverings. – 1-Year Warranty! The manufacturer is offering a one-year, no fade warranty against discoloration from sunlight exposure. No other manufacturer offers this warranty! – Superior All Around! Dorsett Industries: Superior 80/20 Raylon, Auto Custom: Highest rated for originality & durability, and finally OPGI: Over 3,000+ Carpet Sets in-stock on average.