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Bushing Kit, Body, 1964-67 Chevelle/Cutlass Coupe & El Camino, 20 Bushings w/Hardware




Product type: Body Bushing

Vendor: OPGI




These are considered the "gold standard" in authenticity, quality and value!

When we introduced these in 1986, they were considered the gold standard in body bushings. Today, they are still the best on the market. Why? Because we didn't cut corners then, and we don't now. Just as we did in 1986, we continue to produce them in custom case-hardened steel tools (expensive, but the right way to do it), ensuring a consistent, precise injection-molded rubber bushing every single time—unlike ones that competitors offer, which judging by the lower density, seem to be produced in cheaper aluminum molds. In addition, our finely reproduced rubber bushings, it's also noteworthy that each steel insert is also stamped the right way in authentic zinc. Again, no competitor bushing and insert combination comes close. The bottom line is that you get the finest quality, time-tested and proven over and over again to be the best anywhere. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!