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64-67 Chevelle Front windshield molding clip kit




Product type: molding clip

Vendor: Ecklers




The windshield molding on your 1964, 1965, 1966, or 1967 First Generation Chevelle is held together by the work of clips and pin studs. Without them, your glass molding would become loose and possibly fall out. Over time, these clips and pin studs also can rust from constant exposure to weather elements. Eckler's Chevelle & Malibu is happy to offer you a reproduction windshield molding clip set for your Chevelle, matching factory specifications and replacing your original molding clips. This complete set includes 32 pieces, and all the necessary clips and pin studs for your windshield installation. These clips will attach your upper and side windshield moldings to the pin studs at the windshield glass frame.  Replace the old clips on your A-Body before installing new windshield moldings with these clip reproductions.