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1969 Camaro Deluxe Bucket Seat Foam without Wire




Product type: Interior

Vendor: OER

Tags: SF105PR




1969 Camaro Deluxe Interior

Important: Some 1969 deluxe interior Camaro models had a seat support spring built into the upper seat foam. This seat foam does not include that wire structure in the backrest. 

Note: Shipped oversize.

Sold as a Pair.

Important Installation Notes: Some modifications may be necessary to obtain a proper fit. Modifications needed include a horizontal cut in the bottom seat bun that is required to attach the bun and upholstery to the seat frame. The factory made these cuts in three different locations in 1967-69 depending on the factory that the seats were manufactured in. Because we have no way to know what factory the customers were made in or where these cuts should be, they are not cut ahead of time (all reproduction seat buns are made in this exact same fashion no matter what brand they are). The installer must make the cuts.