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1968 Camaro Coupe With Bucket Seats Red Deluxe Full Set Upholstery



Collections: Camaro, Camaro Interior Parts

Product type: seat cover set

Vendor: Classic Industries




These are excellent reproductions of the original style upholstery used with all 1968 Camaro deluxe interiors. Correct stitching and Madrid vinyl are used to give these reproductions the appearance of the originals. Bow Tie seat emblems are not included, but are available separately. Simply remove the emblem from your old seat and reinstall on the new upholstery during replacement.

This complete upholstery set covers both the front and rear seats on Deluxe Camaro Coupes equipped with front bucket seats.

Note: 1968 Deluxe interior upholstery will not install on Camaro's originally equipped with standard interior upholstery due to differences in the width of the rear seat and front seat foam.