• CAD

1968-72 Nova Shifter




Product type: Shifter

Vendor: Shiftworks




What's In the Box

  • Shifter assembly
  • Optional shifter arm offsets
  • Transmission shift lever
  • Adjustable rod linkage complete with ball joints
  • Neutral safety / back up light switch
  • Dust Cover
  • Console Slider
  • Overview

    This new Shiftworks floor shifter has been designed to properly function with whatever GM transmission you decide to use in your vehicle. Great care was taken to replicate the original look of the T-Handle shifter used by Chevrolet. Once installed in a factory console it will appear to be an original.

    The shifter uses a rod linkage just like the factory shifter did, but utilizes right and left hand thread so you can make your final adjustments with a simple twist of the rod. Also, since this shifter mounts flush with the floor for console clearance, your able to use this shifter in almost any custom application as well.We even install and set up a new neutral safety / back up light switch so it's ready to simply wire into your car!