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1967 Camaro Deluxe Interior / 1969 Camaro Standard Interior Bucket Seat Foam Pair



Collections: Camaro, Camaro Interior Parts

Product type: seat foam

Vendor: OER




Seat foam is a critical part of upholstery restoration that is often overlooked. Replacing your seat foam not only offers you a more comfortable place to sit, but also generally makes for a better fit and look when replacing your original upholstery.

Manufactured as close to original density as possible for authenticity and fit. Take the hassle out of installing your new set of upholstery by adding this OEM style seat foam. Each seat foam is molded with correct contours to give your seats a qual ity original appearance.

Important: Must use original spring assembly on 1969 model if it is glued to the back of the seat foam.

Note: Shipped double oversize.

  • 1967 Camaro with deluxe interior
  • 1969 Camaro with standard interior


Important Installation Notes: Some modifications may be necessary to obtain a pro per fit. Modifications needed include a horizontal cut in the bottom seat bun that is required to attach the bun and upholstery to the seat frame. The factory made these cuts in three different locations in 1967-69 depending on the factory that the seats were manufactured in. Because we have no way to know what factory the customers were made in or where these cuts should be, they are not cut ahead of time (all reproduction seat buns are made in this exact same fashion no matter what brand they are). The installer must make the cuts.