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1967-68 Camaro Black Standard Upholstery Full Set Coupe With Buckets Seats




Product type: Interior

Vendor: OER

Tags: K1006700101



1967-68 Camaro Coupe Standard Upholstery

Manufactured to correct factory specifications. All seams and stitching are heat sealed just as the factory using correct stitching for an authentic fit and appearance. The vinyl used to produce this upholstery set includes the correct Madrid grain, offering you total originality for the best possible appearance.

Important: Be sure to check your original seat foam. This is important when installing replacement upholstery. If your original seat foam is worn out, the upholstery won't fit correctly. For the best possible results, we recommend replacing your seat foam as well as your upholstery.

Professional installation is recommended.

Vinyl to recover headrest must be purchased separately.