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1965 Mustang Convertible with Front Bucket Standard Full Set Upholstery - Ivy Gold



Collections: Mustang

Product type: seat cover set

Vendor: TMI Interior




Are your seats faded or worn out? Give your interior the upgrade it deserves with our Restorer's Choice™ Standard Seat Upholstery from TMI™.

Manufactured from heavyweight vinyl with correct stitched pleats and extruded seat piping.

Made in USA

  • Correct Weight and Color Sierra Grain Vinyl Skirts and Inserts
  • Multi Needle Precision Sewn Seams
  • Extruded Seat Piping


Set includes:
  • Front Bucket Seat Upholstery
  • Upholstered Front Seat Back Panels
  • Rear Bench Seat Upholstery


Important: Be sure to check your original seat foam. This is important when installing replacement upholstery. If your original seat foam is worn out, the upholstery won't fit correctly. For the best possible results, we recommend replacing your seat foam as well as your upholstery. Professional installation is recommended.